Rather than hand your employees a stack of books or manuals and hope they get what they need for Quickbooks knowledge, look to us to help give them the skills they need.

We make sure you and your employees understand how and why Quickbooks works the way that it does, so the general accounting practices you employ with your business will make complete sense, as you work within the system. We cover all of the key concepts and transaction types you will be using, as well as reconciliation, reports and troubleshooting when things don't look right.

Just a few of the topics we can cover, as needed:

  • Invoicing, credit memos and returned checks
  • Entering payments correctly
  • Handling un-deposited funds the right way
  • Connecting incoming bills to outgoing payments, to assure accounting integrity
  • Handling inventory so COGS is always kept accurate
  • Job tracking, customer payments and expenses
  • Using online banking effectively
  • Account reconciliation
  • Utilizing classes correctly, generating income and balance sheets
  • All types of reporting, modifying reports and using reports
  • Identifying, diagnosing and fixing problems
  • Closing out accounting periods correctly

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